Sunday, 29 December 2013


Making Soap. It's when you can be clean and messy at the same time.

Yesterday, I attempted to make soap. And I did. Using a kit, of course. But it wouldn't be too hard to not use a kit. Here are the steps for making soap below.


You will need:

Opaque soap base
Clear soap base
Rubbing alcohol
Soap mold
Popsicle stick
Dyes (optional)
Scent (optional)

1.   First you need to find a soap recipe to make an opaque soap base. Or, if you have a kit, cut the opaque soap base into 5 pieces. Put it in a container (I have used a plastic beaker and a measuring cup) and place it in the microwave for 30 seconds (if you do not have a microwave, check the internet for melting it on the oven). Take it out and stir it when it's done. If it's not completely melted, put it back in the microwave for 10 more seconds. Take it out and stir.
                                         {In all of the photos below, I was using the clear soap base
                                           for the backdrop of the soap. I forgot to take pictures of the
                                           opaque instructions.}

2.    Now, continue mixing, and add some colour. Most soap kits come equipped with dyes, but if you don't have any, there are many natural colourants for soap. for my soap, I wanted a natural look. I chose the colours green and brown. However, I did not have any brown, so I used cocoa powder, which also gave the opaque soap a nice chocolaty scent. In the picture below, I am adding green for the base of the soap (the clear part).

3. Add scent. You don't have to add scent, but you can if you want. As I mentioned in step 2, natural colourants like cocoa add scent too, but there are lots of real soap scents.

4.    Now you want to pour the soap into a mold. Make sure it only fills the bottom. Then let it sit and harden. When it is completely hard, pop it out and cut it into chunks. You could make some shapes, too.

5. Continue the last 5 steps, only using clear soap base. Do not let it dry and harden this time though, instead, spray it with rubbing alcohol. Spray the chunks, too. Then place a few chunks into the the soap. Pour in some more of the clear soap so that it just covers the chunks. Add more chunks and spray with rubbing alcohol. Add more soap, spray, add chunks, spray again, and finish up by covering the last chunks with soap. 

6. Let sit.

7. Once it is hardened, pop it out. You have now made a Chunk Soap!
                                          Here are a few other things you can make with soap!


Sunday, 22 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Embroidery, Sweetie, Cottonball, Aurora, Borialis, Bobbie, Stumblefoot, Noah, Blu, Swallow, Quail, Henrietta, Buffy, Apple and Bunny! So far we have only had two snows here, and the chickens were NOT amused by either of them. Since it was Embroidery's first snow, I wasn't surprised by her horrified look as she flew out of the coop into the cold white stuff all over the ground. Sweetie just stood there in the snow, silly little rooster. Didn't move an inch. The older ladies had more sense when the took one look outside and turned back to the coop. Recently Buffy has gotten Wry Neck, the very same sickness that caused Bravewing to die. I am trying very hard to get her to recover.
For Christmas this year, I have decided the chickens will get their very own Edible Garland. I will use bread bits, lettuce, cranberries, whole grain Cheerios, nuts and grapes and put them on a string.
For our Christmas card this year, I put a picture of a festive Sweetie ad Embroidery on it. Check the pictures below to see them! Anyways, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, so have a great time!

Cozy Embroidery and Santa Sweetie

Santa Sweetie