Sunday, 24 March 2013

They Seem To Think I'm Him...

Hey! Well, right now the main thing on my mind is the new rooster. We made our choice. We got the little bantam rooster, who is coming with a little Old English Game Bantam hen, which, believe it or not, was the breed my favourite chicken, Cream, used to be. I was so sad when she died. So when I
heard she was that breed, I got excited and said yes. So tomorrow I will go pick them up. Anyhow, back in the chicken coop, the girls seem to think I'm their rooster! They seem to enjoy running around my feet, which they used to be dead terrified of when the rooster was there. I decided to just play along with it though, and now whenever I go in the run with some grass, I sit on the low roost and let Bravewing jump up next to me and on my lap. The rest of the girls seem to nervous to do that, so I drop some of the grass on the ground for them. Then I crow. It's hilarious when I do that, they all stare at me for a second like they did with the rooster then keep eating. I'm also not sure what happened to Noah. I think she broke her toe, because it's swollen and a bit green. She is limping and often stands still with that foot tucked in. It would be helpful if any of you could post a cure or treatment for it in the comments below. Today we also made the goats a ramp to play on. They love that, but Apple doesn't go on it. Only Bunny. And believe me, if Apple tried to get on, a certain little goat would already be up there ready to head-but her off.

                                             Embroidery in her room.


Thursday, 21 March 2013

Rainy Day, Happy Hens.

Hey guys! Once again here. Well, yesterday it was very stormy here. Usually on rainy days the hens are out there scratching away. Well, not yesterday. Yesterday they actually stayed in. It was pretty bad though, huge winds and pelting rain. Even I didn't want to be out there, and I like a good rain. Anyways, the chickens didn't look very happy about it all. They were being very loud and didn't know what to do. So I decided to try to make them think of stormy days as an Indoor-Fun day. First off, I cut up some apples really small. Then I broke up some broccoli. I grabbed a piece of lettuce and put the apple and broccoli in, then I wrapped it up into a ball. From there, I tied a string around it and set it down. I put on my rain coat, Then went out with the treat-ball. We put the chickens in early because they never came out, but when we put them in it hadn't started raining so they weren't wet. But if they had been wet, I would have brought out a towel to dry them off. Anyways, I tied the treat-ball to the roost and let them eat it. I also brought in some fresh grass for them and the goats. Goats don't like rain. They were locked in too, but they didn't seem to mind. I let the chickens eat out of my hand and walk around the barn, and they liked that. They had fun scratching through the hay on the floor and finding scraps of food. We might also not be getting that rooster. We are either getting him or this little rooster in the pic below. I'll try to find out which one we're getting by tomorrow! By the way, the guy in the pic below is a bantam. I wonder which size of a rooster will fit?


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Looking back at the Star Hen's Beginning...

I usually don't post more than once a day. But I couldn't help it when I was looking through my pictures and found a picture of Bravewing as a chick, with her sisters. You may not know, but Bravewing is my main hen. To me, she's at the top of the pecking order. But to the other hens.. she's at the bottom. She's constantly being picked on because she was broody for so long, but I when I see her up there... on the roost where Angel used to crow... I see a brave head hen, ready to fight for her rank if challenged. Last year, when Bravewing was only a pullet, I entered her in the annual Fall Fair we have here. Her competition was two Auracaunas that were full grown and very nice looking. When I saw those two, I knew Bavewing had good competition. But I believed she could win. And believe it or not, she did. The other two hens won second place. And there was Bravewing. Proudly strutting around her cage, a Blue Ribbon tied to the front bars. I thought she looked like a head hen for sure then. Strutting around her cage... Head and tail held high, observing her surroundings (and occasionally pecking at the blue ribbon) A formal look on her face. I knew she was happy. Anyways, below I have a few pictures of Bravewing!

 Here is Bravewing at 1 day old. She's so cute! I always knew she was destined to be great at something.

 Here's little Bravewing at a week or two; you can see she's already grown feathers.
 There she is again at a week or two, now standing on my leg.

And here she finally is as a beautiful full grown hen, the hen I always knew she would be.

After looking at the pictures I took of Bravewing as a chick, I realize I've got to take pictures of Embroidery. Because believe me, when she's older, it'll be funny to look back at when she just started to get feathers on her feet.


Renting a Rooster?

Hello! Not much to say for today... Oh yeah! I forgot to mention, that since our rooster died and there's no one to protect the hens, our friend is lending us his rooster. That's right, LENDING him to us! The reason we're only borrowing him is because we're not sure if Embroidery is male or female, so we're waiting to find out. If she's a girl, we will keep the other rooster. But if it's a boy, we will give our friend his rooster back and keep Embroidery. It's going to be different having this rooster around though, because he's a Jersey Giant! Have you SEEN how big they are? I'll post a pic of one below. Anyways, guess thats all for now! Bye!

Huge, huh? This is not my picture by the way, I found it online.


Sunday, 17 March 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

            Hey guys! I'm back. Well, so far today everybody is good, chickens happily eating outside (with a bit of supervision, in case that raccoon comes back), goats eating hay and yelling because they want to go outside but it's raining... ha ha ha. They're funny. the chick is good too, she has grown much and her feathers are coming in nicely. below I will enclose two pictures of her. I guess that's really it for now... if anything exciting happens, I'll add it to today's post. The reason I'm on so early is because later I'm having guests over. So if something exciting happens and I DON'T post it, I'll post it tomorrow. Anyway, here's the pics I was talking about!

 Here's a picture of Embroidery... she seemed very curious about my camera, which is why her head is so close to it.

There she is looking over the edge of the table her cage sits on, clearly now more interested in something on the floor than the flashing camera.

Guess that's it! Bye!


Saturday, 16 March 2013

Murder in the Hen House

Hey guys! I'm back. Well, it's very unfortunate but a few days ago tragedy struck the hen house. While I was away, a raccoon must've climbed over the fence and into the run. Since our rooster has one blind eye, he must have not noticed the raccoon, on which he was the one the raccoon chose to attack. Unfortunately, the rooster must've lost the fight because we came home to a missing rooster and nervous hens and goats. But, by the look of the run, that roster put up quite a fight. There were feathers everywhere! But you could see where the rooster had just given up, because there were feathers up the fence and through goat pen, then up the next fence and into my neighbour's yard, where the raccoon had dragged him away. Anyway, I got a new laptop today so I went out to take these pics of the animals. Fortunately, this means I'll be posting more.
 Here, you can see the hen in the front is Noah. The little head popping out behind her is Stumblefoot, and the head popping out of the door is Bobbie.

Here the one closest to to the camera is Cottonball, the one next to her is Aurora, and the other one is Borialis.

As you can see, Bravewing here likes to do a pose for the camera.

 Evan tries out a pose of his own for me here.

  Here, Bunny glances up at me while chewing some hay.

 And finally, Apple too (after many tries) looks up at my camera.

Guess thats all for now! Bye!


Saturday, 9 March 2013

Just a Peep in a Box

Hi again! Sorry I never posted last week, I never got a chance. Well, we got the chick and she has officially been at the house for a week now. She is eleven days old (we got her when she was four days old), and had her first growth spurt a few days ago. Her wings have almost grown in all their feathers, and her leg feathers have just started to grow, along with her tail feathers. She's beautiful. And her trainings coming along well, too. I have already trained her to jump on my leg and arm when I pat them, and how to walk across a stick without falling off (which can be used for future references, when she roosts). I am also teaching her to peck only a green dot out a red dot, a blue dot, and of course, the green dot. She also comes when she is called by her name (Embroidery), runs by my legs when I walk (I've got to be careful not to step on her!), jumps on and pecks whatever I tap, peeps constantly whenever I play with her, as if she is speaking to me, and whenever I leave the room, she peeps very loudly and constantly. When we first got her, she had a habit of falling asleep standing up, so her head would flop to the ground. But whenever she actually DID fall asleep laying down, she would sleep flat out like a pancake, wings splayed off to each side, head on its side. She looked like she was dead! But one little noise, and she would wake up and you'd know she was fine. She's grown out of that habit now, though. Anyways, you may have noticed the title of the post sounded strange, but that's because when we got Embroidery, well, she was simply just a peep in a box. Now she's a peep in cage in my room, with a nice big window to let in all the sunshine and a great view of where she will one day free-range along with all the other big hens and The Rooster. Once again, sorry I didn't post a picture, I keep on losing my camera! I'll try for next week.
 Well, I guess that's it for now, bye!