Saturday, 23 February 2013

In Memory Of Sky

Well, sadly Sky died a few nights ago. I'm not sure what sickness she had, but she had green poop and was having a hard time walking. She died in a cage inside with food and water because we brought her in to try to help her get better. She was a beautiful girl. ;'(   Oh well. It's only a week until we get the little chick now! After looking at many pics of the pretty Gold Laced Cochins, I have decided to name the chick Embroidery, for the look of her feathers. Sorry I haven't posted a picture yet, I had a cold this week and never got to taking a picture! I'll try for next week. Anyways, usually Apple, our goat, is pregnant in the spring (and right now) and she's not this year because we're not breeding her. Well, not being pregnant is pretty different for Apple I guess, because she's being really jumpy and playful like her daughter, Bunny. I've never seen her so excitable! It's hilarious! I guess I'll post again next week. Bye.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Just a Stubborn Mother Hen

Hey again! I'm back, and this week has been sad, but there's a few perks. First off, one of the chicks started to hatch. My friend said it was taking too long, and the chick was getting too weak, so we had to take off the shell. So we did, but not long after the chick died. :'( Then a day or two later, the second chick started to hatch. This one hatched out on its own, which lived the hatch and dried out and fluffed up. Oh, and i named the first chick Chiclet, and the second one Ebonyfeather. Anyways, when we got home, unfortunately the little grayish black with yellow patched chick had gotten itself stuck behind the box Bravewing had been sitting on, and got too cold and died too. :'( Poor little babies. Oh well. Atleast it's only 13 days until we get the little Gold Laced Cochin chick, which we will keep inside in a cage with food and water, and of course a heat lamp. :) Yesterday we went to the farm to drop off the form and money for the little peep, so now on March 2nd all we have to do is go there and pick up the little guy. Also, we believe Sky had a stroke yesterday so we put her in our seperate pen for the broody hens or sick chickens. She seems to be getting better. Bravewing has been moved back to the big pen with the other hens as we are trying to wake her up from being broody, which she certaintly doesn't want to do! Every chance she gets she'll sit in the nesting boxes, eggs or no eggs. Silly bird! I feel bad for her though. She doesn't know where her babies went, so she's confused! Poor girl. She'll snap out of it soon, though. I guess thats it for this week, then! I'll try to get a picture on here soon. Anyways, Bye!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Introduction of the Animals

Alright, so I have 10 chickens. Their names are; Noah, Evan, Aurora, Borialis, Sky, Bobbie, "The Rooster", Cottonball, Bravewing and Stumblefoot. Bravewing happens to have actually won a blue ribbon at last years fall fair. Stumblefoot is Bravewing's sister, but their other sister, Loudbeak, died. Stumblefoot is a Sexton/Gray Japanese Bantam/Chantecler cross. Bravewing is a Sexton/Gray Japanese Bantam cross, but both Stumblefoot and Bravewing (and Loudbeak) were mothered by Sky, a Black Japanese Bantam. Bravewing's real mother is Noah, and father is The Rooster. Stumblefoot's real mother is Bobbie, and father is The Rooster. Cottonball is at the top of the pecking order, and is the oldest.She is a Chantecler. Noah is near the top of the pecking order, and is the second oldest. She is a Sexton. Bobbie is one of The Rooster's favourite hens, and has also been here for quite a while. She is a Chantecler/Sexton cross. Evan, Aurora and Borialis are all sort of sisters. They are all Chanteclers, and are fairly young. And finally The Rooster (Who's real name is Angel, we thought he was a hen when we got him,) is a Gray Japanese Bantam. Now that I've told you a bit about them, I'll get started with the days news. So, Bravewing has officially been sitting on two eggs (her and Stumblefoot's) for exactly 21 days. Soon, I will check on her two see if they have hatched. They might not, I'm not sure if they're fertilized, but hopefully. Quite recently my very old Black Cochin hen, Wooly, died. I am getting a Gold Laced Cochin hen chick on March 2nd, because Cochins are just so cute I had to get another. I have recently made Sky a Bantam-Chicken-Diaper (which works very well and fits her just fine), so she can now come in the house. My goats, Bunny and Apple, are quite enjoying the spring-like weather we are getting here, other than the rainfalls here and there. Soon, I will try to post an image of the chickens and goats. Bye for now!
Hi! This is a blog all about my small farm, but mainly the chickens. After this post I'll get started on whats happening!